A chance for a better future for children at risk in Bucharest

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Centre of Educ.& Sports proj. & Progr. for children
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€ 166,092
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According to 2011 statistics, one of five children in Romania have dropped out of school. Children of Roma origin, from poor families, from rural areas and those with disabilities are the ones most exposed to this risk. The main objective of the project is to raise school attendance and social inclusion among 400 children at risk (out of which, 100 Roma) in 25 schools in Bucharest, by providing educational programs and psycho-pedagogical counselling. The project includes complementary measures to the traditional educational system, by using non-formal educational methods, and by stimulating the involvement of families (500 parents/guardians will receive support and counselling), for improving the situation of the children. The project pays special attention to Roma children, as they are more vulnerable to school dropout. The project will establish a multicultural centre at the National Palace of Children, to host educational activities and counselling during the project.

Summary of project results

The project „A chance for a better future for children at risk in Bucharest” has the overall objective of increasing school integration and social inclusion for 400 children at risk from Bucharest by providing educational programs, curricular and pedagogical counselling.The project addresses both pupils of primary school (preparatory classes – IV) and middle school (grades V – VIII) Running from March 2015 to April 2017, the project provided counseling and training programs for approximately 600 children from schools in Bucharest, with the aim of increasing their level of school integration. A total of 400 children participated in camp, mountain and sea activities that helped them with social inclusion. The promoter coordinated an information and awareness campaign regarding the risks faced by at risk children through group information sessions, for teachers, expert trainers, counselors in 25 schools in Bucharest. The counselling sessions were carried out both with the 400 students and parents / guardians / family members. Camps were organized complements previous training and counselling activities. With their help promoter stimulated children’s participation in sports, cultural, artistic and entertaining, stimulating in this way develop life skills, social skills, to increase social inclusion and affirmation of children at risk.

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