Geothermal Training for Romanian Professionals by the Geothermal Training Programme of the United Nations University in Iceland (UNU-GTP

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University of Oradea
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Researchers or scientists,
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From EEA Grants:
€ 206,138
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Romania has low to medium temperature geothermal resources in certain areas that have not been harnessed to the full potential. Geothermal resources in those areas therefore present an opportunity to tap into a domestic, clean energy source that can be used for space heating, greenhouse heating, swimming centers and SPAs, aquaculture, industrial drying, and even electricity generation. The use of these domestic resources can help Romania to lessen reliance on imported fuels for heating and contribute towards the country’s goals of reducing emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The primary objectives of the project are: -to increase awareness of the potential of geothermal utilization among decision makers, key personnel in governmental bodies, energy companies and universities, and among the media -to increase basic knowledge of particular subjects of importance within broad groups (25) of Romanian scientists and engineers. -to provide in-depth knowledge to 4 Romanians - 6 month training programme of the UNU-GTP. The project will achieve its goals through the following: 1.A two day workshop for decision makers in Romania. 2.Three short courses of 5.5 days each: A) Short Course on Geothermal Surface Exploration; B) Short Course on Reservoir Assessment and Management; C) Short Course on Geothermal Utilization. 3.Six month training at the UNU-GTP in Iceland. The beneficiaries of the project will be the Romanian decision makers and key personnel in governmental bodies, who will be better aware of the possibilities for geothermal development, the Romanian geothermal community, 4 Romanian geothermal experts through training in Iceland, the universities involved, local communities and Romanian society as a whole. The UNU-GTP brings expertise from the donor partner country to the project, both in terms of knowledge of the different subjects that need to be addressed for geothermal development and the running of short courses and training.

Summary of project results

The most important activity of the project was to provide full fellowships to 4 (four) Romanian specialists to attend the 6-month training program of the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme in Reykjavik, Iceland. The 4 fellows have been selected by the UNU-GTP Director after interviewing 12 candidates, each of them taking one of the following specialised programmes: Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Geothermal Geology, Geothermal Drilling Technology; Geothermal Projects Management and Financing. Other achievements of the project: - organizing one Workshop for Decision Makers; - organizing one Short Course on Geothermal Energy Utilisation; - organizing one Short Course on Surface Exploration for Geothermal Resources; - organizing one Short Course on Evaluation and Management of Geothermal Resources.

Summary of bilateral results

The project builds on previous experience within the UNU-GTP of accepting Romanian Fellows to the 6-month training programme in Iceland. In the period 1993-1998, 5 Romanians completed a diploma from the programme and four of them are currently affiliated with the University of Oradea. Many of them have contributed significantly to academic research locally and internationally, and one has served on the Board of Directors of the International Geothermal Association. These ties, which have remained firm through the years, form the basis of the collaboration suggested for the project. Considering the contribution of the University of Oradea and the UNU-GTP to geothermal education in Romania and worldwide, and the high profile of Romanian graduates who have previously undertaken training at the UNU-GTP 6-month training programme, it is expected that the collaboration can help to educate and invigorate a new generation of geothermal professionals in Romania, and may set the stage for further geothermal training in Romania. The project has been developed in cooperation with the donor project partner (DPP) in Iceland so it can contribute to the overall objective of the EEA Financial Mechanism of reducing social and economic disparities in Europe. This has been done by supporting education, capacity building, networking and awareness of geothermal utilisation to increase possibility of utilisation of geothermal resources – and energy security, savings and quality of life in Romania. Bilateral relations have been strengthened by increased cooperation in the area of geothermal education and capacity building, by sharing results regarding geothermal utilisation, increasing knowledge and mutual understanding of geothermal options and possibilities. The cooperation can also motivate wider effects e.g. extending the cooperation into related activities. The main contact at the University of Oradea, Prof. Marcel Rosca, undertook the training in 1993 and therefore has a good understanding of how the programme works. While the University of Oradea serves as a local geothermal education centre, within which deep knowledge of local conditions exists, the UNU-GTP brought expertise to the project based on a global academic reach and deep knowledge of geothermal exploration, utilization and management as practised in Iceland. The two academic institutions therefore complement each other in the project.