Harnessing of geothermal water resources from lialotcsti perimeter, Ilfov county, for heat production

Project facts

Project promoter:
Ilfov Administrative-Territorial Unit
Project Number:
Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 1,330,084
The project is carried out in:
Bucureşti - Ilfov


Due to a continuous increase in gas prices in recent years and the large quantity of emissions the Ilfov administration aims to capitalize on the renewable resources found in the Balotesti area. The project aims as a first stage to create an alternative energy source based on geothermal water for heating consumers at „Prof. Dr. Agrippa lonescu” Emergency Hospital. By running the system 4620 hours/year the production capabilities will be of 13540.1 MW/year. With such a capacity, CO2 emissions of 2611 tonnes/year can be avoided. Direct beneficiaries of the investement are around 11000 persons (hospital employees, hospitalized patients, patients under ambulatory care) and a large percentage of the Ilfov county population.

Summary of project results

The project involved the development of a geothermal plant which which uses the geothermal water produced by the well # 2684 Balotesti, to produce heating and hot water. The development of this project included: - Rehabilitation and testing of the Balotesti Well # 2684; - Construction of well cabin and installing geothermal deep well line shaft pump (25 l/s); - Construction of the fully equipped geothermal station, to produce heating and hot water (5.6 MWth); - Round-trip circuits for heating and hot water; - Tank storage for geothermal waste water - 500 m³; - Exhaust pipe for geothermal wastewater; - Connections to consumer(s). The implementation of this project aimed at ensuring sustainable energy development while protecting the environment. Instaled capacity of the plant: 5.6 MWth. Reduced CO2 quantity (tonnes/year): 1.332,0 Status of the plant: in operation Beneficiaries: aprox. 12.000 persons annually (including hospital employees, hospitalized patients)

Summary of bilateral results