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FFCUL - Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences-Lisbon University
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Public and private organizations, including not-for-profit organizations and NGOs, responsible for the organization and delivery of education and training at local, regional and national levels
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From EEA Grants:
€ 1,267,180
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The project is aligned with the European and National Strategies for Adaptation and intends to promote adaptation at local level in Portugal: 1. Embedding the climate change (CC) adaptation dimension at local level; 2. Creating a community of local actors, aware of CC issues and trained for the use of decision support tools on adaptation; 3. Promotion and provision of local adaptation knowledge particularly in the definition of strategies, planning and implementation of measures and results communication; 4. The reduction of barriers and constraints on the local actors involvement on adaptation process; 5. Integrating adaptation into municipal and sectoral agents decision and planning processes. A transdisciplinary and highly recognized team will elaborate the Municipal Adaptation Strategies (EMAAC), while raising awareness of local stakeholders and provide training of municipal officers regarding CC Adaptation issues, and promote Adaptation mainstreaming into Land Management tools/policy. This project will also develop products to facilitate EMAAC elaboration and implementation by the pilot Municipalities and other Portuguese Municipalities.

Summary of project results

The ClimAdaPT.Local has the main objective of "Improving the capacity of Portuguese municipalities to incorporate adaptation to climate change into their planning instruments and local interventions". The local action on adaptation was one of the key issues highlighted on the National Adaptation Strategy in order to address the vulnerabilities specificities of the territory. The project focused initially on 26 municipalities but extended the target to other municipalities and intermunicipal and regional entities. Within the project it was elaborated 27 Local Adaptation Strategies by the municipal officers involved in the various training events organized by the project team. Furthermore the project produced guidelines and manuals and established a helpdesk to support these officers on the elaboration of the Local Adaptation Strategies. In the end of the project it was created a Network of Municipalities for Local Adaptation to Climate Change in Portugal with 30 signatory Municipal Councils to foster local action. The ClimAdaPT.Local project leaves a legacy of several guides and manuals for the development of EMAAC, guidelines for integrating adaptation into municipal planning, 26 climate tokens that explain future regional climate scenarios, and a high number of events and activities to local, regional and national level that has involved more than 2000 participants who have shared, learned and discussed key issues to create more resilient cities to climate change.

Summary of bilateral results

cCHANGE is a Norwegian company with a high level of experience in training and capacity building on adaptation to climate change, and has supported the development of the methodology for the involvement of key players and in the design of transformative adaptation.