Pilot Geothermal Power Plant of 3 MWe on Terceira island

Project facts

Project promoter:
EDA Renewables
Project Number:
Target groups
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME),
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 3,733,814
The project is carried out in:
Região Autónoma dos Açores


Considering the power market, the Azores Archipelago, Portugal, is dependent on the importation of fuel for energy production. In Terceira Island replacing 10% of the energy generated by fuel with geothermal energy would reduce carbon emissions. This initiative is fully in line with the Energy Strategic Plan presented by the Government of the Azores considering that the main goal is to increase the penetration of renewable energy production to 50% of the total electricity produced in the Region by 2018 from the present value of 36% to reduce oil dependency, towards a clean renewable energy society in the middle of the Atlantic.The pre-defined project will establish a pilot geothermal power plant in the Pico Alto Geothermal Field, Terceira Island, increasing the share of renewable energy of 10% in the total energy production and create new jobs. Therefore, it’s expected that the project will benefit the economy, society and the development of Terceira Island. The National Energy Authority of Iceland is a donor programme partner, collaborating extensively during the planning and implementation of the programme, strengthening cooperation between Iceland and Portugal.

Summary of project results

The project was needed for replace in Terceira Island 10% of the energy generated by fuel with geothermal energy, reducing carbon emissions. Being that the long-term objective, namely the increase in the production of renewable energy was achieved with the construction of the geothermal power plant where no power plant existed. As planned one geothermal pilot power plant constructed and in operation in Terceira Island, Azores, 9 number of positions filled and the geothermal energy produced of total energy production in Terceira Island is higher than planned. It is 12%. The target was 10%.

Summary of bilateral results