CurtMAR- Short Animation films in Portuguese

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ASPEA-Portuguese Association of Environmental Education
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€ 9,115
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Project CurtMAR aims to promote the identification of younger Portuguese with the Atlantic Ocean: history, culture, blue economy. It will focus also the preservation, given its pollution and degradation. Through the audiovisual production it´s desirable to raise this level of awareness and the effective involvement of younger people, endowed with affinity for information and communication technologies. Also promote the concept of integration: younger people in secondary schools and Portuguese professionals facing the Atlantic Ocean, such as the Norwegian colleagues, share knowledge and cooperate to achieve Good Environmental Status of marine and coastal waters in Europe. Younger people are an essential component: they will systematize information, devise and produce Animation Short Film in Portuguese, focusing the human impacts on the marine environment.

Summary of project results

The CurtMAR Project aimed to promote the identification of Portuguese young people with the Atlantic Ocean: history, culture, blue economy. Encourage preservation due to its pollution and degradation. The general objectives of the project were: To mobilize schools for marine affairs; - Increase the literacy of the oceans of Portuguese youth; To make society aware of the preservation of the marine heritage; Contribute to develop in students a critical attitude, increase participation and reflection on the ocean; Facilitate discussion of ideas and decision making, highlighting the responsibility of each of us in the processes of personal and social change; Expand the themes of the project at Lusophone level (REDELUSO and III Lusophone Congress of Environmental Education) and international (Norway) the themes of the project, leading to more young people and adults being informed of the existence of the tools available to the Oceans and becoming involved as citizens responsible for its Good environmental status; Also promoted the notion of integration: young people from secondary schools and professionals from Portugal facing the Atlantic Ocean, like the Norwegian colleagues, share knowledge and cooperate to achieve the Good Environmental Status of marine and coastal waters in Europe. The project was developed in partnership with the Professional School of Alto Minho Interior-EPRAMI and with the Portuguese Marine Litter Association APLM. EPRAMI as a partner school supported the project in the audiovisual area, and in the diffusion in school and community context, the theme Ocean, in a region less close and therefore, less identified with the maritime reality. APLM provided technical expertise and disseminated the "Kit of the Sea" and "Getting to Know the Ocean" initiatives, as well as some knowledge sessions on ocean literacy. It also had partner schools, the Monção School Group, the Aveiro School Group, the Horta Vocational School, the Aveiro Vocational School and the Norwegian school Det Tverrfaglige Kunstinstintut (DTK). The diversification of the activities, with special attention to the knowledge sessions and consequently in the contest of environmental short films of the project, was privileged in the methodology, having achieved relevant results that may be of great pedagogical interest for future activities and different contexts with impact at the level of 99 classes and more than 2000 direct students, result of the involvement and commitment of the participating schools.

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