Thermo-modernization of educational buildings in the Commune Barciany in the villages of Drogosze, Moltajny, Winda

Project facts

Project promoter:
community Barciany
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Target groups
Staff from enterprises involved in teaching/education/training activities,
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 366,028
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All 3 schools are very expensive to operate because buildings are poorly insulated and energy is used inefficiently . Heating those facilities uses a lot of energy and largely increases CO2 emission. The objective of the project is to improve energy efficiency through a comprehensive modernization of the school buildings in the villages of Drogosze, Moltajny and Winda. The project is expected to increase energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs of all three school buildings. This is turn will reduce CO2 emission from these buildings. The project will include the following activities: - In all school buildings: external walls will be covered with Styrofoam, roof insulated with mineral wool and old lights replaced with modern LED lights. - Biomass boilers and heating pumps will be installed in Winda. - Old windows and exterior doors will be replaced with new ones in Drogosze and Winda. In addition to environmental benefits, the Commune of Barciany and users of school buildings in the villages of Moltajny, Drogosze and Winda will benefit from the project. Projects material scope has been extended, part of the project is co-financed under NFM

Summary of project results

As all 4 buildings were poorly insulated there was a need for investment. Project aim was to increase energy efficiency, reduce CO2 and costs of heating of buildings. Thermomodernisational works covered 4 public utility buildings (3 schools and Municipality office building). External walls and roofs were insulated (over 5 thousands of m2), approx. 300 old windows and exterior doors were replaced. Interior lighting was exchanged for ecological one (over 1200 lighting points replaced). 2 biomass boilers and 2 heating pumps have been installed. Modersnised were cooling instalation and 116 have been installed. Project has its environmental benefits, since investment allowed to reduce CO2 emission (579 Mg/year). It contributes also to improving conditions of work and learning in Barciany Municipality. Project material scope has been extended, additional works have been co-financed under NFM.

Summary of bilateral results