Educational and promotional activities in the field of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy including the environmentally friendly houses

Project facts

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Ministry of the Environment
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Target groups
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 1,124,662
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The project aims is to increase public awareness and education on energy efficiency. The project includes the following measures: TV, press and Internet campaign to promote energy savings in households, and a study visit. The project addresses these challenges through increased awareness among the public in relation to the energy savings in households. Target group: Society.

Summary of project results

The intended effect was achieved. During the implementation of the project, the Beneficiary implemented educational and promotional activities in many media (television, newspaper, Internet, PR) and passing several messages (popularization ways to save heat energy and to promote energy-efficient construction and passive). Effective planning activities allowed the achievement of a campaign to reach the level by more than 40% higher than established. Experience gained from the project will allow for more effective planning of educational and promotional activities in the future.

Summary of bilateral results