Strengthening the air quality assessment system in Poland based on Norwegian experience

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Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection
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Researchers or scientists
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From EEA Grants:
€ 1,110,430
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The objective of the project is to further develop and strengthen the system of measurements and assessments of air quality in Poland, based on Norwegian experience.The project expected to achieve the following outcomes: improvement of environmental information on the impact,status and trends between beneficiary countries and other EU Member States; increased public awareness and educational activities in the field of environmental monitoring and integrated planning and control.The project address these challenges by launch website to visualize air quality data produced by the Environmental Inspectorate, increase number of institutions using the visualization of data on air quality.Target groups: Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection and 16 voivodship inspectorates of environmental protection. Donor partner - "Norwegian Institute for Air Research"- NILU. Role of partner: bringing expert knowledge and experience in implementing air quality assessment systems.

Summary of project results

The implementation of the project has allowed for the extension of the knowledge and experience of the employees of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection and the voivodeship inspectorates of Environmental Protection in the field of modeling of air pollution concentration, forms of providing information on air quality and modern measurement techniques related to air quality monitoring. Thanks to the strengthen of the measurement and laboratory infrastructure, the project has provided an appropriate increase in the quality and precision of measurement of air pollutants carried out in air quality monitoring networks in Poland by the Environmental Protection Inspectorate. Within the framework of the project the concept of optimization and modernization of measurement networks in Voivodship Inspectorates of Environmental Protection has been developed, which enables achieving high quality of results. An air quality assessment was adapted to requirements of the new European Union reporting decision and visualization of monitoring air quality data as part of the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe). Within the framework of the project a new "Air Quality" portal and mobile application (iOS, Android, and Windows) was created. 6 newsletters on environmental monitoring and control activities were issued, 7 trainings were conducted, 337 people were trained.

Summary of bilateral results

4-day study visit to VIEP in Lublin and Rzeszow. The visit was attended by representatives of the NILU, the Norwegian Environment Agency, the Norwegian Embassy, the Ministry of the Environment, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and local authorities. During the visit the participants visited VIEP laboratories, air quality monitoring stations and familiarized themselves with the scope of activities of the National Reference and Modelling Laboratory. The purpose of the visit was to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of organization and function of the air quality assessment system in Poland as well as to strengthen bilateral relations with the beneficiary countries. During the visit, the participants got acquainted with the effects of "Improvement of the air quality assessment system in Poland based on Norwegian experience" and "Strengthening the technical potential of the Environmental Protection Inspection through the purchase of measuring devices, laboratory equipment and IT tools" by CIEP.