The Educational Program "Mission Nature" - Green Schools in National Parks

Project facts

Project promoter:
The European Foundation for Polish Rural Development Fund - Counterpart Found
Project Number:
Target groups
Schools and other institutions providing education and/or training at all levels
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 736,307
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The project is dedicated to schools in rural communities, where the general level of knowledge and awareness of nature conservation is insufficient, there is no access to the attractive forms of environmental education, the acceptance of nature conservation is often very low, and there is a risk of frequent conflicts between the needs of conservation and human activities. The project responds to the above problems and needs, with the aim of increasing awareness of the need for nature protection. The aim is to build awareness among the students and sense of responsibility for the nature of their region and Poland and positive attitudes towards protected areas such as national parks and Natura 2000 areas. The project involves a workshop for teachers, and the organization of green schools in national parks for 140 groups. The visits to parks are connected with lectures prepared by the trained teachers. Participation gives students the opportunity to explore the nature and understand practical significance of the concept of biodiversity. Students (and their families) and teachers from primary schools and high schools in rural areas will benefit from the project.

Summary of project results

The overall goal of the project has been achieved. All project indicators has been achieved. Overall objective of the indicator - The number of people involved in educational activities and promoting biodiversity conservation has reached a target value of 7,200. Indicator value - Number of non-governmental organizations carrying out biodiversity conservation activities has reached value 1. Within the framework of the project 2 ecological competitions were organized for 198 schools. There were 2 workshops for 278 people. Educational materials for 7200 people were prepared. The project has contributed to raising awareness and awareness of nature conservation. The project built among primary and higher education students the responsibility for the nature of their region and Poland, and a positive attitude towards protected areas such as National Parks and Natura 2000 sites. Park visits to lectures prepared by trained teachers have given students the opportunity to explore nature and practical understanding the concept of biodiversity. The project was very interested to people, students, workers of the national park.

Summary of bilateral results