The protection of the biological diversity and ecosystems

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Ministry of the Environment
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€ 667,378
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The aim of the project is to achieve biodiversity-friendly attitudes among children, improving teachers' knowledge and activities in this area and to understand the impact of biodiversity on life quality. Project implementation will contribute to achieve the following results: incentive programme for teachers, TV and Internet campaign, study visit, computer games for children, information and promotion. The project addresses these challenges by: pro-ecological attitudes following educational activities and actions promoting protection and sustainable exploitation of biodiversity, a nation-wide educational campaign on biodiversity and ecosystem services accomplished. Target groups: children aged 4-9 years, kindergarten and primary school teachers.

Summary of project results

Implementation of the project contributed to the creation of biodiversity-friendly attitudes among children, raise awareness and activity of teachers in this area and understand the impact of biodiversity on quality of life. Thanks to the attractive and consistent for all forms of media creative concept and a clear form of key messages the campaign reached a wide audience (children, parents and teachers), far exceeding the number assumed before its implementation and at a lower cost to reach. A very big advantage of the campaign was to place on the messages appearing in the national media (TV, Internet). By appropriate selection of the media, both in terms of coverage and precision to reach the target group (children), supported by actions targeted at teachers (loyalty program and workshops for teachers, educational package for schools), the campaign has not only brought their objectives, but also proved very effective.The intended effect is achieved. All indicator targets have been met; they have even achieved higher results than expected in the plan of the project.

Summary of bilateral results