Lithuanian Service Workers Trade Union (LPSDPS)

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Lithuanian Service Workers Trade Union (LPSDPS)
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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
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€ 91,871
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The Health, safety and the environment (HSE) element is important in the business process. Fulfilling local legislation and combining it with taking fire safety standard is an important part of a safe working place. This project seeks joint initiatives with UAB "Lietuva Statoil", Fire and Rescue department under the Ministry of the Interior, and the Lithuanian fire safety engineers association. Such a partnership will help increase the HSE level from station employees to management and the way back into the company. It will promote social dialogue between employees, employers and the Fire and Rescue department, its subordinate units and the public throughout Lithuania and contribute to social responsibility. Additionally, the project will enhance knowledge about public/private sector cooperation in enhancing benefits of decent work would. The project activities will promote awareness in HSE and quick reaction in emergency response in practice and so increase the overall maturity level of participating organizations. The developed learning material will be implemented for business companies.

Summary of project results

The main project objective was trough joint initiatives among Statoil Fuel & Retail Lietuva (UAB), Fire and Rescue department under the Ministry of the Interior, and the Lithuanian Fire Safety Association to contribute to the increased Health and Safety environment (HSE) level at working place and to promote social dialogue between employees, employer and Fire and Rescue department, its subordinate units and the public throughout all Lithuania. The main project’s milestones and achievements are : - 20 workshops in 5 regions in Lithuania were held and 400 Statoil petrol stations employees participated in the trainings. The employees got theoretical knowledge about causes of fire and what actions should be taken in case of fire. Theoretical knowledge was tested in practical exercises by each participant. - A study tour in Norway and meeting with “Oslo Fire brigade” in Oslo took place in June 2013. During the visit representatives of project met Oslo Fire brigade chief and prevention department employees, where have shared best practice in fire safety prevention work, cooperation between public and private sectors. - A realistic simulation of “fire emergency at station” were held at 4 Statoil sites in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Panevėžys. Statoil employees and Fire emergency has joined their forces in fire emergency situation and tested their knowledge in real life. The actions and lessons learned were discussed and improvements for the existing processes were proposed. - A closing event and competition of testing the gained skills in fighting a fire took place in October 2013 - Good media coverage throughout the project implementation The project’s results have contributed to a better cooperation and improved dialogue between the project parties. The trainings helped the project promoter to increase the overall HSE maturity level and the “fire safety standard” as important part of safe working place. The training material (incl. video, and emergency booklet) based on best practice of project can be further utilized for training of new employees as well as partners / contractors when introducing risk and fire safety prevention at work place.

Summary of bilateral results