Enhancing social dialogue for civil servants

Project facts

Project promoter
The National Agency of Civil Servants (NACS)
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Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 253,995
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The objective of the project is to improve social dialogue structures and practices for civil servants. The project is expected to strengthen the role of parity commissions within public authorities and institutions. The project has the following expected results: a research study on situation analysis of the parity commissions, a five-day study visit to Norway for a 30 participants, six exchanges of best practices, comparative research on social dialogue in Norway and Romania, a training curriculum developed for parity commissions' members, 150 civil servants trained in social dialogue, out of which 30 are training experts, and an awareness campaign. The project targets civil servants and parity commissions members in 15 public institutions. The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), the project partner, will contribute with its expertise in social dialogue mechanisms to the improvement of the social dialogue structures and practices. The Norwegian expertise will be delivered through study visits, exchanges of best practices, various meetings, trainings and the drawing up of a comparative study.

Summary of project results

While exercising its monitoring and control role, the project promoter, NACS identified the need to strengthen the role and functioning of Parity Commissions (PC) within public institutions. The project addressed this need through several activities and improved the social dialogue structures and practices in 15 pilot institutions. By means of round table discussions with stakeholders involved, employees are now more informed on what PC do and PC members strengthened their capacity in fulfilling their role and responsibilities. The activity of PC has also become more transparent following the trainings, study visit and good practices exchanged and the studies developed through the project. The main benefit was the mobilization of employees and employers to dialogue on common issues. The increased transparency of PC achieved through project is an essential step in improving social dialogue. NACS now provides training on social dialogue based on the kit developed in the project in collaboration with Norwegian partners. Moreover, NACS is gathering suggestions for legislation improvement to be further discussed and research findings are shared with other stakeholders in the country.

Summary of bilateral results

The Norwegian partner (KS) was very involved, providing experts and expertise in reaching the project goal. KS provided expertise in all project stages: in the study visit to Oslo, in the trainings – in delivery and development of materials, in the national public debate organized with key actors in Romania, in the development of the comparative research. The Norwegian experience contributed to a great extent to strengthening SD structures and practices in the beneficiary institutions. Romanian and Norwegian representatives exchanged knowledge, contacts and got useful information for future joint projects. NACS discussed project results within different international SD projects meetings and KS facilitated networking between all its decent work partners within CEMR/EPSU SDC meetings.