Foundation of local and micro-regional economic development by local governments capacity- building and knowledge transfer

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Municipality of Törökbálint City
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Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff
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From Norway Grants:
€ 740,656
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Objectives: 1. Promotion of micro-regional and local economic development In partnership with micro-regional municipalities, regional authorities and business partners. 2. institutional and human capacity-building of local governments Increase institutional and human capacities of Törökbálint and partner municipalities. Target groups: 1. Citizens of the micro-region: 43,000 inhabitants 2. Micro-regional micro, small and medium sized enterprises: 7200 3. Citizens of Törökbálint: 14.000 inhabitants 4. Employees of the Mayor’s Office and partner municipalities: 80-100 persons 5. Management of the Mayor’s Office and partner municipalities: 25-35 persons Activities to be realized 1. Economic development 1.1 Evaluation of micro-regional values, outbreak points, create plans. Participants: municipalities 1.2 Create micro-regional economic development model. Participants: municipalities, Pest County Chamber of Commerce (PMKIK), Telenor Hungary, Lillehammer Municipality. 1.3 Discussion of economic development model at a conference. Participants: municipalities, PMKIK, Telenor Hungary, experts, Lillehammer Municipality, Government Office Érd District Office 1.4 Adoption of an Integrated Urban Development Strategy and City Marketing Plan. 1.5 Transfer planning methodologies to the micro-regional municipalities. Participants: experts, partner municipalities 1.6 Create urban development decision support system, installation at the micro-regional municipalities. Participants: micro-regional municipalities, supplier. 1.7 Create Micro-regional Investment and Business Development Information System. Participants: municipalities, suppliers 1.8 Provision of training for entrepreneurs. Participants: micro-regional micro enterprises and SMEs, Törökbálint Municipality, Óbuda University, Lillehammer University College (LUC) 2. Institutional capacity building and organizational development

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