The “Peer Gynt” Project – piloting sustainable methodes for the development of the social service system in Pécs

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Project promoter
Municipality of Pécs
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Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff,
Non governmental organisation
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 686,049
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In the framework of the ECC (European Capital of Culture in 2010) program large scale infrastructure investments (higher education, cultural services, entertainment, museum, scientific activities) were carried out on the border of the inner city and the segregated Meszes district – the target area of our project. Based on the above explained situation, our overall objective is to create a complex cooperation for sustainable management of social problems, community and social economy development in the target area that lacks of social and community services; by mobilizing the local population, The specific objectives are the following: 1. Mobilization of the community, development of a partnership for the target area (Result: at least 20 formal cooperations). 2. Service developments with the involvement of locals, based on the target-area partnership, adapting good practices of Oslo. (Results: 3 plan documentations) 3. Infrastructural capacity building and a non-profit economic development: to optimize supply capacity, to shelter the developed service packages and self-organized community initiatives, and to ensure profit making capabilities that provide the basis of sustainability respectively.(Results: Settlement Community Centre and Internet Café, Community Café, "Don’t throw it away!" manufactory, warehouse and shop). 4. Creating an operational service plan and a sustainability plan.(Results: at least 7 social professional services, 3 competence and 3 capacity development services, 9 community services, 1 sustainability plan). 5. Testing and introducing the operational programs and the developed services. 6. Examining the experiences of development from the aspects of adaptability and extensibility to the city of Pécs. (Result: impact assessment). Recirculation of the income created by non-profit enterprises established during the development process ensures the survival of the service

Summary of project results

Summary of bilateral results