Capacity building measures improving the elderly care potential in the rural areas of Morahalom

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Local Government of Mórahalom
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Target groups
Elderly people
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From Norway Grants:
€ 933,583
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With one of the fastest ageing populations in the world, Europe needs urgent action to avoid looming economic troubles as well as a decline in living standards. In line with the current “Norway Grants HU11-A1-2013” call on proposals, the present paper puts forward a plan to help public institutions address the issue of the aging population by putting in place a new and long-term institutional development. With the overall objectives of enhancing local institutional capacity and developing human resources in public institutions, the project aims to encourage local Hungarian authorities to make use of their existing facilities and natural geothermal resources, while utilizing the Norwegian expertise in the field of gerontology. The current proposal draws from the “Morahalom – Szent Janos” project, also developed with grants and expertise from the Norwegian government, which focused on developing alternative ways of living in the countryside. The new proposal seeks to continue the proven productive cooperation between Norway and Hungary by utilizing its existing capacities – building facilities, geothermal resources - but adding the health and care facet. In line with the Norwegian philosophy which stresses the importance of the life-long learning, a significant part of the project will also be dedicated to engaging the elderly in activities related to the rural life. The expected outcome is to provide people and communities not just with local modern facilities but to also promote a daily routine which will contribute to a healthy life-style and positive outlook.

Summary of project results

Summary of bilateral results