Establishment of the Hajdú Folk Handicraft and Training Centre (FolkCraft)

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Municipality of Hajdúböszörmény
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Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff
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From Norway Grants:
€ 709,542
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According to the overall and project specific objectives of the programme, the overall objective of the present project is the capacity-building of the Municipality of Hajdúböszörmény for enhancing quality of public services and for promoting local economic development, along with the elaboration of cooperations between the municipality, local NGOs and local enterprises. Establishing the Hajdú Folk Handicraft and Training Centre is one of the specific goal of the project with implementing the related compulsory and optional tasks. For the sake of a successful knowledge transfer for smaller local or regional target groups, another specific goal of the project is the elaboration and operation of a training programme. The training programme is an adult education set of modules, each building on the other, which aims the launching of new, local or regional enterprises, thus the increase of employment in the target area of mainly rural features. The modules are related to folk handicraft, highlighting that works of folk art are not only local products but part of the cultural heritage characteristic in the target area. Besides basics of different locally peculiar folk handicrafts, the attendees of the training programme get familiar with basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, marketing, PR/communication and also develop language competencies. This multifold knowledge will prepossess the future life of the attendees, making this form of adult education sustainable even in a long-term. The project also intend to develop the municipal staff members, providing specific training programmes for them, can ensure a better service provision. Also the exchange of experience activities with the Norwegian partner, Roros, can help to identify new development opportunities and capitalize on Hajdú traditions in future tourism development activities.

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