Cooperation-based innovative service development to enhance energy consumption consciousness and to spread the use of renewable energy sources

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Rácalmás Város Önkormányzat
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Civil servants/Public administration staff
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€ 652,570
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The level of energy consumption consciousness and the percentage of the use of renewable energy in Hungary are far below the average of the European Union. This holds especially for local municipalities of small settlements, that have very restricted financial resources only limited knowledge on utilizing renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction solutions. Furthermore in average a Hungarian family spends more than 20% of its revenue on energy consumption and thus 50% of them live in energy poverty, especially in rural areas. The present project intends to provide a solution for this situation at the rural small region of Rácalmás and in the surrounding area by the development of sustainable model cooperation for a conscious energy management and for the spread of the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency solutions and Co2 reduction. Norwegian experience of similar small municipalities having experience in this field. In relation to the objectives the partners will (1) develop the local energy strategy of the Rácalmás small region to enhance local energy efficiency/renewable energy/CO2 diminution investments and to raise energy consumption awareness and foster dissemination activity. Good practices will be summarized from Norway and Hungary. The definition of the investments for the next 5 years and possible schemes to finance investments will be identified. Public consultation will be done and a partnership agreement related to future activities will be signed. (2) The capacities and services of the local municipalities will be developed. (3) Gender equality issues will be addressed both as a relevant factor concerning the use of renewable energy sources. (4) The project emphasises publicity and promotion through several activities, events and outputs as for instance the 3 handbooks developed for the replication and sustainability of the project’s results.

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