Promotion of local economic development building on the Budapest airport through new labour market services of Budapest District 18 and Vecsés

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Project promoter
Municipality of 18th District of Budapest
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Target groups
Associations and representatives of associations involved in higher education, including relevant student, university, and teacher/trainer associations,
Enterprises, social partners and other representatives of working life cooperating with accredited educational institutions
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 610,575
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The overall project objective is to better exploit the potentials of the airport economy in and around Budapest District 18 (BP18) and Vecsés. The project aims at boosting local employment linked to the airport economy through the introduction of new and innovative services promoting the local labour market coordinated by the two municipalities and in cooperation with the relevant local stakeholders and strongly capitalizing on the good practices of the Norwegian partner. Key target groups are the Municipality of BP18 and Vecses, local stakeholders influencing the labour market, the local inhabitants (both currently employed and unemployed) and further municipalities in Hungary and Norway. (WP1-3) WP1 Situation and market analysis: The analyses focus on the local labour (1.1) and local training (1.2) market. Activity 1.3 maps potential bottlenecks for an improved service provision in the partner municipalities. WP2 Testing and introducing new services: Act. 2.1 includes the elaboration of the concept, setting up and testing the operation of the TCO. Act. 2.2 contains the development, organisation and management of selected trainings for local inhabitants. A local labour market committee will be set up in Act 2.3 as a cooperation model involving local stakeholders. WP3 Developing institutional and human capacities: WP3 includes human capacity development in the field of innovation in public services (3.1) for municipality employees. The training of the TCO and the concerned municipality staff takes place in this work package (3.2). Act. 3.3 comprises the experience exchange of the NO and HU parties. The communication activities in WP4 focus on the target groups presented in the project proposal. Communication activities will be led by the project manager of the central management unit at BP18. The publicity plan includes actions grouped into 4 activit

Summary of project results

Summary of bilateral results