Capacity building of the disaster management system at local level

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Project promoter
National Directorate General for Disaster Management
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Target groups
Manager, leaders, teachers, trainers, administrators and technical staff from eligible institutions
Initial project cost:
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From Norway Grants:
€ 773,369
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The main goal of the project is capacity building and human resource development in prevention and disaster management system, joint action on the elaboration of new institutional system in disaster recovery and damage control in Hungary with setting up 65 new disaster management unit and/or build their capacities. The aim of the international cooperation coordinated by the NDGDM is the realisation of a project, which focuses on the development of a complex, innovative, local level disaster recovery logistics system. The main target areas of the project are the civil protection, fire- fighting and rescue, and finally, the industrial safety and protection of hazardous factories and substances. In the framework of the project will be developed the 65 local disaster management unit, covering the whole area of the country. There will be elaborated an institution building strategy and action plan and practical manual, conceptualization of training and further training for the staff of the local units (non-formal learning), for local municipalities (municipal public safety desk officers, for disaster management experts, and for voluntary fire-fighters with the active participation of the citizens (informal learning). It will be also set up the IT background of the local disaster management units and carried out the operational framework. The donor partners of the project (DSB and NVE) are involved mainly in WP5 Exchange of Personnel which aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices and experience between the NDGDM and its Norwegian counterparts (DSB, NVE). Apart from WP5, the donor partners have a role in completing WP7 Capacity building and IT background and WP6 Training for staff.

Summary of project results

Summary of bilateral results