Theatre Heritage and Innovation

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Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute
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€ 19,952
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Theatre Heritage and Innovation. Norway-Iceland-Hungary Theatre Network Hungary is located on the Eastern periphery of Europe, while Norway, Iceland on the Northern periphery of the continent. The region of Scandinavian countries is often looked at with some envy for both their economic prosperity and cultural richness. The many similarities and differences almost automatically offer the possibility of cultural cooperation and mutual exchange of experiences by developing a network of experts and institutions to promote this process. Main Project Objectives and Questions The project is mainly interested to see how is it possible under globalized conditions to follow regional traditions, enhance them theatrically or through contemporary play writing. How can theatre negotiate between global and local audience needs? How does local and national identity be represented in theatre and drama? In what ways and what means do theatres have to address small communities too? It also needs to be asked how theatre can incorporate new technologies, how it is able to ‘theatricalize’ them and what new aesthetic forms and methods it generates. In what new interpretations do the classical plays embody today and how do contemporary texts react to the new questions encountered in our contemporary societies?

Summary of project results

The aim of the project was to initiate a live connection between theatre people in Norway, Iceland and Hungary. The project promoter wished to spread information about the newest theatre trends and plays, which attempted to artistically investigate the topical issues and challenges of our countries. 1. A workshop for puppetry actors and students took place at the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest. Espen Dekko from Norway hosted the workshop which was also open for Hungarian acting students from abroad (Romania). 2. The international conference on theatre for youth, theatre and society at Jurányi Incubator House was attended by many professionals, with speakers from Norway, Iceland, Hungary and Romania. 3. Contemporary Norwegian plays were selected and 9 synopses were written in Hungarian. 4. They published and distributed the project volume titled Visszaszámlálás (Countdown) containing the conference papers, two Norwegian plays, 9 synopses and other articles. 5. The staged reading of the two newly translated Norwegian plays was a great audience success, performed by young actors from FAQ Company and K2 Theatre at the Jurányi House. One Hungarian expert travelled to Oslo for a study trip to collect new Norwegian plays and to establish a long-term cooperation with Norwegian partners (Dramatikkens hus, Theatre Museum, Theatre Academy).

Summary of bilateral results