Restoration of the horse tram terminus building in Zugliget to preserve the built heritage and to utilize it as a sustainable cultural-community place

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Municipality of XII. District (Highland) of Budapest
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€ 822,242
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The Municipality of Highland intends to implement the planned project in cooperation with the Local Historical Collection and Gallery and INTBAU Scandinavia as project partners. The project is planned to be implemented in the 12th district of Budapest (~58000 inhabitants). The location is at Zugligeti road 64. The project aims the renewal, restoration and utilization of the former horse tram terminus building under national protection. The building is in very poor condition, its protection as endangered historic cultural heritage would serve not only as revitalizing the area as a vibrant cultural and community space, but would also rejoin the area in urban life providing the residents with quality spare time opportunities, and would stimulate tourist turnover, too. The centre would present the history of the building, the process of urbanization of the capital, and its transport history, all through interactive elements and interpretation tools. In the program, we focus on the presentation of the district’s and the capital's diverse cultural values and character, providing demonstration/display/exhibition etc. opportunities for all arts. The main elements of the project: Part I.: Renovation and utilization of the protected monument building - within the frame of the present application Cultural–community features: Exhibitions of the Highland Local History Collection and Gallery with modern interpretations, original style waiting room and exhibition space, community spaces, education path, Programmes: permanent & temporary exhibitions, museum-educational activities, arts & crafts Economic functions: catering services, Complementary elements: parking lots, bike storage, landscaping Part II.: Development of new modern building – financed by the project promoter: modern multi-media classroom, academic research space, programmes, horse tram reproduction, information pont, gift store INTBAU Scandinavia (Norway) is the donor project partner in this project.

Summary of project results

The primary goal of the project was to renovate the end station building of the former horse tram taking into consideration the heritage protection rules, and to expand it with new features and content. Thus, among the 4 new community functions the building serves as a home for the Local History Collection of the Hegyvidék District as well as as an event centre and a catering industrial facility. To this end, in the framework of the project, 817,60 sqms of the heritage-protected building were renewed while at the same time landscaping, a modern part of the building, modern cooling / heating technology and other building elements were implemented with the involvement of other resources in order to create a complex community space beyond the exhibitions of the Local History Collection. During the implementation, they took into consideration the demands of many different areas, so the preservation and reconstruction of the unique wooden roof structure could be renewed not only considering the recommendations of domestic experts but also taking into account the donor partner's views. The opinion of the population was requested not only in the planning phase but also during the development of the new cultural space's image, and all the functions of the building can be accessed by disabled. By implementing the project it has become possible to create a modern exhibition space in which touch-screen contents and tours with audio-guide can be realized, and some parts of the exhibition are also accessible in Hungarian Sign Language.

Summary of bilateral results

They have established a good relationship with the domestic and donor partners, and regular project discussions have taken place. The preservation and reconstruction of the unique wooden roof structure could be renewed not only considering the recommendations of domestic experts but also taking into account Intbau Scandinavia as donor project partner's views.