Mirkó Project - for the children of convicts

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Tévelygőkért – Dunakanyar Region – Communications Foundation
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€ 63,558
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The performances of fathers in the Penitentiary Tale Program help reduce the anxiety of the children, as a consequence of this, an improvement in their psychosocial states. We look after convicts and their families both inside and outside of the prison. The aim is primarily to care for and strengthen the relationship between the parent and child to monitor and support the fate of these vulnerable children’s lives. Secondarily to encourage the involvement of civil organizations in order to build empathy amongst society to raise levels of tolerance and to build shame-free, anti-discriminatory dialogue. In cooperation with civil organizations, we train volunteers who keep in contact with convicts’ families and we distribute donated gifts to ease the burden of their extreme poverty.We share our knowledge at conferences with other civil organizations and institutions who can then reach out to other indigent groups of society.

Summary of project results

Currently there are no common rules on how to create and maintain a child-centered relationship between the parent in prison and the child. The project's family-friendly visitation programs (tale group, children’s time) reduce recidivism and help prevent children becoming criminals later. The attitude of the criminal justice system institution toward children has changed. Convicts and relatives have also developed a different view of their children. The participants’ overall opinion about each other changed in a positive direction. Dialogues and collective efforts emerged to find ways to effectively strengthen family relationships. The project has reached more than 100 children, 50 inmates. There have been 8 plays written and perform by the prisoners, 8 DVD edited for the children as a present from their fathers, 2 international conference and 1 photo exhibition organised, 1 short film, 1 brochure published. Until now, they have reached cca. 400 participants.

Summary of bilateral results