Using dog therapy in several educational institutions in Ózd

Project facts

Project promoter:
Service Dog Association of Blue Star
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Target groups
Children ,
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From EEA Grants:
€ 9,000
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The major problem in nurseries and schools is the lack of activities, which aid the development of disadvantaged children, children with special educational needs, integration-, learning and behavioral problems. Therapeutic development of students with special educational needs, those struggling with integration, learning and behavioral problems, as well as coming from a disadvantaged background. Commencement of dog therapy courses for study groups of disadvantaged and special educational needs children, in public education institutions of Ózd. Holding weekly dog therapy sessions, organizing monthly unconventional lessons, arranging a project finalizing professional meeting. Educational institutions of Ózd; cognitively impaired children; autistic or disadvantaged children; children with special educational needs or with behavioral problems, as well as healthy, problem-free children during unconventional lessons.

Summary of project results

Ózd and its area is one of the 48 most disadvantaged microregions in Hungary. In the kindergartens and schools the lack of development experts and other professional staff to support the work is a serious problem. Therefore, the development therapy provided by the association was necessary. The aim of the association in the project was to provide the students with therapy dog sessions in four institutions. In addition, the unconventional teacher’s classroom drew attention of children to the difficulties faced by people with disabilities.With the regular development programs they helped the motivation to study of the disadvantaged children, the respect of dogs (narrow sense) and the respect of the living environment(wider sense) and the sense of responsibility.

Summary of bilateral results