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The primary objective of the project is to enable the young of the Hostel to acquire skills and participate in creative actions that themselves become "ambassadors" of democratic values and human rights in their social context. The new hostel of unaccompanied teens and children who have survived difficult and painful situations and try to persevere and join the Greek society in a dignified way and contribute to it as equal active citizens. The project aims to utilize their individual skills that each of these children have in 4 areas, such as sports, 'fine arts', cooking, video art - (in which the educative and language limitations are not an obstacle), to strengthen their personalities and actions to involve and organize them in order to carry messages democracy and rights in their social context (school, camp, neighborhood, etc.). At the same time, the aim is to create relationships with prominent people / volunteers in the areas chosen by the children themselves, who will act as mentors / standards throughout this process and will help them - with the support of volunteers and other staff to organize high visibility actions - which will be separate portions of a campaign for the defense of democratic values and human rights by children for children.

Summary of project results

The Society for the Care of Minors (SMA) is a charitable organisation which was established in 1924 and hosts 17 unaccompanied minors (UASCs) from countries affected by wars and disasters, in a privately owned neoclassical building (shelter). Many of the young people who arrive in the shelter are at the end of a journey of terrible losses and have to build their lives in a new unknown environment. SMA provides consistently high quality services and family type support to UASCs for a long time now, however through this project had the opportunity to create better conditions for the guests to develop further as individuals and not just as survivors of a traumatic experience. The long-term objective of the project was to equip children with knowledge and experience to address social racism (they may face), and at the same time to become familiar with collective values and principles. During the project the children socialized with many new people, traveled and began to assert more things for themselves. In the shelter, a daily routine was established which included various recreational activities. A collective group spirit of tolerance and solidarity was nurtured amongst the children and all the adults involved. The organization gained recognition, volunteers and employees acquired expertise in organizing and communication, while the managerial capacity of the organisation has been subsequently improved. Once the project was concluded, collective data was gathered which describes in detail the process of empowerment and a methodological approach on democratic values and human rights that is specific to unaccompanied minors (UASCs) and can be used appropriately. Three events were also organised with the participation of at least 400 people, which strengthened significantly the network of friends, supporters and volunteers of the organisation. 5 of the young boys participated in an innovative summer camp, which led to a reward in a Robotics Competition. The organisation acquired “visibility” and effective networking (because/for the sake of the project ) contributed to an increase of financing by other bodies.

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