Dynamic Routing and Scheduling in Tramp Shipping with Stochastic Customers and Travel Times

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Complutense University of Madrid
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Maritime transportation is a key element in the global economy. Allowing shipping companies to operate more efficiently is crucial to sustain current transportation needs while reducing environmentally harmful emissions. This project will continue ongoing research related to the design of an automated planning tool for maritime transportation problems. This tool is based on solving stochastic and dynamic vehicle routing problems within a simulation framework. The current proposal includes the design of methods to handle the decisions faced in tramp shipping and the modelling of the interaction between a tramp shipping company and the spot market. The Project promoter, Complutense University of Madrid, has experience in solving routing and scheduling problems on industrial shipping. The donor partner, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, has already worked on many different transportation and vehicle routing problems, mainly on their deterministic and static versions. The researchers involved in this project have already worked together successfully in projects related to maritime transportation and humanitarian logistics.

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