Sea-ice changes and implications for Arctic atmospheric chemistry and radiative forcing

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Institute of Physical Chemistry Rocasolano - CSIC
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Recent observations indicate that Artic sea-ice is undergoing major changes in its seasonal extent and physical characteristics. Therefore the need to develop the appropriate tools to assess the impact of the predicted changes upon the Arctic environment is very relevant. The main objective of the project is to explore the Earth System modeling framework to represent the biogeochemistry of Arctic sea-ice and its interaction with the atmospheric composition at the regional and global scale. The output will be the simulation of present day and end of 21st century conditions to study how the changes in Arctic sea-ice will affect the Arctic atmosphere and the associated radiative transfer and oxidative capacity of the atmosphere. All climate community will benefit from the results of this project. Donor partner, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), will contribute to increase the understanding of processes and effects of climate change, of the composition of the atmosphere, of air quality and of hazardous substances. NILU holds a strong position both on the national and international level within its core fields.

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