Entrepreneurship Plus

Project facts

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Federation of Progressive Women (FPW)
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From EEA Grants:
€ 54,534
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Bureaucracy and other factors complicate entrepreneurial activity, therefore business advisory services are high in demand. The objective of the project is to promote women's entrepreneurship through the provision of advisory services, as well as promoting women’s business networks. The project will ensure support for women launching a business as well as strengthening existing businesses run by women. Moreover, the project will create female business models that help other women to consider entrepreneurship.Individual advice for women entrepreneurs and their business will be provided, along with group meetings to achieve specific business training and to establish business networks. Future businesswomen or those already running businesses, will benefit from this project. The promotion of entrepreneurship will create models for the future and will facilitate the social mindset towards entrepreneurship and specially of female entrepreneurship.

Summary of project results

The "Emprende Plus" (E+) project responded to the growing need to support and promote increased entrepreneurship, both by public authorities and by private organizations. For this reason, the Emprendedores Law of 2013, and the Criterio de Caja, are the measures most valued by experts. Every entrepreneur needs information and preparation, as the market demands quick reactions to sales fluctuations, a direct consequence of the economic crisis. Specific advice is necessary to build their businesses as viable and sustainable projects. In many cases companies are created by the unemployed or people with serious difficulties entering the labour market. The impact of E+ has been higher than expected; the number of female participants was double what was anticipated; their involvement in the project was remarkable, as was their openness to receiving individualised counselling and activities. Hence there has been a compilation of "Success Stories" from some of the beneficiaries. On the other hand we emphasize the participation of organizations and public and private entities that have offered their facilities, wisdom, time, products and services towards the beneficiaries of E+. The objectives of E+ were fully achieved thanks to the high participation and the level of involvement of both the target group and other contributors to the project, with their support and involvement in the different activities that we proposed for theimprovement and progress of E+.The beneficiaries of E+ have received individualized information and advice as well as specific online and classroom training that will facilitate their development in the enterprise process. Additionally, they have also managed to make their projects more visible and generated synergies and partnerships with other entrepreneurs through networking sessions and the Salón E+.The main benefit obtained however was the opportunity to visibilize their projects without any additional cost and to learn from the experiences of other women entrepreneurs, thanks to the success of the networking activities and the closure session SalónE+.

Summary of bilateral results