ATCVIOGEN Integrated Management of Records of Domestic Violence

Project facts

Project promoter:
Women´s Institute of Extremadura
Project Number:
Target groups
Victims of intimate-partner violence,
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 86,700
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The project will consist of an online application designed to enhance the coordination and harmonization of the treatment of information related to victims of gender-based violence. This would simplify data collection and subsequent consultation by professionals from different resources (local government, regional and central) involved in the processes of care and intervention with women victims of gender-based violence in the context of eGovernment. The ultimate goal is to improve the continuous and comprehensive care for women victims of domestic violence, relying on unification and electronic record management of victims of domestic violence through this program. It would be possible to know in real time the status of women in each of the resources related to domestic violence, which prevent women having to repeatedly tell their situation, while allowing the personnel of the various resources to know their history, providing a more personalized, comprehensive and coordinated care. It would be a dynamic and incremental application that allows adaptation to future needs of current resources, as well as the inclusion of agents which may be part of the system.

Summary of project results

The project aimed to improve the public services provided to women and child victims of domestic violence by the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. The objective of the project was to ensure interconnection between the agents involved in the care of victims of domestic violence and their children in Extremadura. This would be achieved through an online tool for comprehensive case management that allows interconnection between the resources pursued throughout the territory, 24 hours a day. The methodology was formulated on a fundamental premise: the active participation and use of Extremadura Network for Victims of Domestic Violence. The online application has been fully designed and its modules developed. The involvement of participating agents has been ensured, allowing coordination between the different technical teams providing services to victims of gender violence in Extremadura, even belonging to different administrations. Until now, this has been the main benefit obtained: Whole coordination. It has not yet been determined, though, the maintenance of the results and the implementation of the tool.

Summary of bilateral results