Improve Institutional Coordination and Implementation of an Individualised Plan of Care and Global Attention for Victims of Gender Based Violence in the Region of Andalusia.

Project facts

Project promoter:
Directorate General for Gender Based Violence and Assistance to Victims of JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA
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Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff,
Victims of intimate-partner violence
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 115,600
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Gender Based Violence in Andalucía, as well as in the rest of the European regions, is a structural problem that still exists and affects all social sectors. To eradicate this kind of violence, public policies are being developed at different levels. These policies include measures focused on protection, personalized attention and total recovery of the victims and their children from an integrative perspective. It has been demonstrated that to improve the efficacy of the resources, the implementation of institutional coordination mechanisms (including the application of personalized plans and holistic care) is needed. The project aims to improve the coordination of the different Administrations thanks to the exchange of information and protocols. Moreover, the project will establish the Personalized Security and Holistic Care Plan to give an adapted answer to each victim, and will set the base for the creation of a “single window". The project expects to improve the effectiveness of the resources assigned to the eradication of GBV, having a positive effect on victims of this kind of violence and their children, and on professionals of this field.

Summary of project results

PIAPS/VG goal is the improvement of coordination systems among institutions involved in the prevention, assistance and protection of victims of gender-based violence through a coordinated action system, preparation of Personalised Plan for the Safety and Comprehensive Assistance and the integration of two data management platforms. It has an inclusive character, since it covers gender-based violence at several levels and takes victims’ children into consideration. The Personalised Plan improves the safety of women victims of gender-based violence, establishing coordination strategies and the improvement of intervention in a framework that benefits professionals’ work. Hence, the Victims Support Services in Andalusia benefit from the interrelation of the Coordination Point of Protection Orders and the System for the global follow-up of gender-based violence cases platforms. Specific objectives attained were: 1. Improve the protocol related to professional actions within the Victims Support Service in Andalusia and its coordination with other services. 2. Obtain relevant information on the rights and resources of victims of gender based violence in Andalusia. 3. Promote the comprehensive, planned and personalised assistance to women victims of gender-based violence and their children. 4. Improve the coordination of professional and institutional intervention through the coordination of information systems. 5. Improve the skills of professionals concerning coordinated actions. Apart from the attainment of project objectives, additional products were developed and ensure a long-term impact such as the Framework Protocol.

Summary of bilateral results