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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
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From EEA Grants:
€ 88,622
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The aim of this project is the development and industrialization of a 100kW wind turbine for distributed power generation applications. This medium-sized wind turbine must satisfy three key aspects: i) Strength and reliability to operate in any environment and condition with minimum maintenance; ii) High performance to guarantee high economic profits; iii) Reasonable costs to be highly competitive. The project will use the design of a 100kW wind turbine developed by the company as conceptual basis, of which a prototype has been operated since 2011 with very good performance and reliability records. This system is based in the power generation on the demand site. This decentralized system minimizes the power losses caused in the transport and distribution grid, maximizes a renewable, local, and clean sources and protects the general grid from power cuts, as well as increasing the system´s stability and reliability.

Summary of project results

A high growth in the global renewable distributed power generation market is expected in the coming decades. A strong business opportunity was detected in midsized wind turbine market. During 2008-2011 Argolabe developed a 100kW wind turbine for distributed power generation. A real scale prototype was erected and is since operating with very good performance and reliability records. The company needed a financial incentive to complete the transition from a technological demonstrator to a market product. This project has allowed the improvement of this wind turbine model at all levels, focusing on the industrialization of the turbine. Now, the company will be able in short-time to commercialize this turbine, launching a very competitive product to the global market. The main objectives of the project have been reached: - Strength and reliability turbine with minimum maintenance. - High performance operation to guarantee high economic profits. - Reasonable production costs

Summary of bilateral results