Improvement of practice amongst professionals in prevention, identification and elimination of domestic violence

Project facts

Project promoter:
Intervention Centre Worker’s Association of the Czech Republic
Project Number:
Target groups
Victims of intimate-partner violence,
Non governmental organisation
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 230,914
The project is carried out in:
Czech Republic


The project aims at creating conditions for a nationwide system-oriented change, through the specialisation of workers of key institutions in domestic violence prevention and elimination. Identifying people responsible primarily for the given problem and ensuing provision of training and materials necessary for acquiring the required competency, knowledge and, last but not least, motivation of these workers, is the way to a better understanding and more efficient solution of domestic violence cases. The project promoter is the Association of Intervention Centre Workers, an association of providers of specialised social services for persons at risk of domestic violence all over the Czech Republic. The project’s point of departure is in nation-wide research, international research and an analysis of persisting deficiencies in practice.

Summary of project results

Our task was to create a system-oriented shift in tackling cases of domestic violence, specifically by promoting specialisation in key professions. The objective was met at the Public Prosecutor's Office; in other professions the process has successfully commenced. We have carried out extensive nationwide research of the views of the general and professional public and, for the first time, also of the experience of persons affected by domestic violence. We have developed an extensive e-learning programme to increase professional qualifications, which includes commented presentations, model situations, videos and tools. Its application in practice has generated great interest. In collaboration with experts, we created a unique publication summarising experience with tackling domestic violence and selected case studies. We carried out an extensive campaign called "Silence Hurts" aimed at breaking down myths, which has impacted both the professional and non-professional public. We led the campaign using the press, Facebook, TV and the website. We have involved many experts in the project, especially in the preparation and implementation of round tables, e-learning and work on the publication. Sustainability of the outputs rests mainly upon the systemic entrenching of specialisation, but also on the continuation and further development of e-learning for helping professions.

Summary of bilateral results