Competence in a nutshell

Project facts

Project promoter:
Kostka Krásná Lípa
Project Number:
Target groups
Children ,
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 52,083
The project is carried out in:
Czech Republic


Many unemployed people in the Šluknov Hook are not well informed about the labor market and they lack the motivation to learn and the competence required by the employers. Uncertain housing, debts or raising children, also prevents them from entering the labor market. The project’s goal is to support the intergration of Roma women into the society, increase their chances of getting and holding down a job. We will engage at least 40 women. The project activities are focused on raising competence, knowledge and practical skills by participating in 15 seminars. During the activities, group or individual councelling and support will be provided. Also, childcare services (up to 6 years of age) will be provided. The program for children will be arranged to inscrease their cognitive skills and thus their chances upon entering primary school. Childcare or support to acquire a place in kindergarten will be guaranteed to parents during the activities and in case of finding a job.

Summary of project results

Unemployment in localities with Roma populations in the Šluknov area is high, especially among women. There are many reasons: poor education, low qualifications, lack of skills, work habits and childcare, and discrimination. This project focused on supporting women taking care of children, especially among Romas. The aim was to involve them in an integration program, to improve their knowledge and skills,give them counselling, andprovide care facilities for children up to the age of six. The project aims have been achieved. Women participated in workshops on the topics of motivation, financial literacy, legal basics or seeking employment, as well as courses insewing, cooking, weaving, and pottery. They met regularly at our community centre, where they also received counselling. Thirteen Roma women have since found employment. We have published a Roma cookbook and launched the “Social Wardrobe” second-hand clothes sale. We provided day care for children under age six. We helped children and parents prepare for starting school. Another group met in the “Club for Enterprising Women” to discuss issues related to small businesses. Childcare services and activities for women in the community centre are still taking place today..

Summary of bilateral results