Universities approaches in tackling the changing job markets for graduates

Project facts

Project promoter:
University of Economics Prague
Project Number:
Target groups
Students and trainees in all forms of higher education level education and training
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 16,707
The project is carried out in:
Czech Republic


The joint project aim is to prepare the students from our universities for quicker, smoother and more successful process of finding a future job where hands on experience is needed and real practice at companies will strengthen and ease the graduates to be competitive and wanted on the job markets in the Czech Republic and Iceland. Also the project will enhance best practices which are already established in Iceland in terms of Operation Planning. It means that students selected by certain criteria and led by mentor are taking part directly in creating of business plans and strategic company processes which helps the students to unfold their skills and competences.At the same time the company benefit from the young qualified labour in the aspect that those student contribute and add value to the company.

Summary of project results

The main aim of the project was completed successfully in terms of reaching the target groups in the project. During the project group of twenty students from University of Economics, Prague were involved directly in practical sessions in three companies- Nano Energies Prague City, Linet Group Central Bohemia Region and Jansen Display Usti nad Labem Region.The students were engaged in hands om experience in different departments of the selected companies as Quality Management, Marketing,Sales, Finance, Export, Maintenance and Facility Management. During the whole project the students were supervised and guided by mentors from University of Economics, who guaranteed the outcome and the performance of the students. The mobilities between Iceland and the Czech Republic were carried out whereas the participants visited companies in both countries. At the end of the project, concise handbook with recommendations for the companies was created as a outcome of the analyses,which were conducted in the selected companies.The final workshop and several local and international conferences were attended in order to disseminate project outcomes and results. The project wa s need ed as nowadays there is a big gap betw een academic curriculum among th e univ ersiti es and entry requirem ents needed by the companies in order to hire fre sh graduates. Because of thi s matter and because of the fact th at th e labour market for fr esh graduates is quite challenging, we have decided to propose the given project ,which will provide th e stud ent s to acquire hand s on experi ence and it will help them to find a job easier aft er their graduation. From another side, the project help ed us the academicians to develop and amend some of our subjects in order to customize them and adapt them to the turbulent vol atile bu siness environment,

Summary of bilateral results

The project partner performed similar activit ies in Iceland as we have done in the Czech Republic. The Icelandic partner found different companies in Iceland , selected certain groups of students and it carried out practical sessions in th e companies.The partner contributed to the joint paper presented in the international conference and in adding to the recommendations for the companies.