Centre for Visual Arts and Research

Project facts

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Costas and Rita Severis Foundation
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Non governmental organisation
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From EEA Grants:
€ 613,647
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Main Objective: to facilitate education and research, build programmes and organise events that will create awareness of the cultural diversity, promote intercultural dialogue, built a platform for conflict resolution and thus contribute towards the efforts of building peace and reconciliation. The implementation of the project is also expected to contribute to the revitalisation of the deserted Emrou street, create job opportunities and enhance the tourist product of Cyprus and of Nicosia in particular, thus making a contribution towards economic prosperity. To achieve the objective of the project, the following outputs were produced: - a gallery; - a research centre; - administration areas and retail shop; - a cafeteria; - IT design for digitisation of the collection; - bilateral relations with relevant institutions in the Donor States.

Summary of project results

The project was needed to provide a common platform for the exploration of the Islands cultural heritage through visual and creative arts. More specifically, to restore, renovate and protect cultural heritage and to became a forum of research, discussion and events related to education and culture in the framework of reconciliation, peaceful coexistence and understanding among all the communities of Cyprus. In order to achieve the planned results the following steps were taken: -Design, construction and operation of an art gallery/museum and a research centre that houses a unique collection of paintings, books, costumes and memorabilia all related to Cyprus and its history. -Staff was hired (assistance general manager, librarian, executive secretary, accountant, entrance/shop attendant, quart and cleaner). -There was a preparation of material, stocking up the retail shop etc. -Purchase and installation all (primarily) movable items needed to operate the project e.g. office desks, office equipment etc. -IT component including digitization. -Targeted publicity actions. What was achieved: -Enabled all communities in Cyprus to increase their understating and respect of Cyprus common cultural heritage. -Encouraged young people across Cyprus to learn about the religious, social, political and cultural history of Cyprus. -Promoted the importance of visual and creative arts to young people across Cyprus. -Presented the work, perception and experiences of international artists to the people of Cyprus.

Summary of bilateral results