Improvement of production processes in Plast Commerce - 93 for more sustainable behaviour

Project facts

Project promoter:
Plast Commerce - 93 Ltd.
Project Number:
Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 198,938
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The project outcome is to invest in a new technology (extrusion and compounding lines) for recycling and re-use materials thus to increase the company competitiveness, optimizing the production process and improve the quality of produced PVC and doubling the production volume. By implementing the project Plast Commerce - 93 Ltd. will improve all production processes in the company and will develop further its CSR policy. The company will increase the quality and the quantity of its production by recycling even more waste materials than before. As a result, the organization will respond to the market needs adequately - with quality products manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. The awareness on the issue concerning sustainable PVC production and recycling will be raised. Expected outputs are: -New technology line for PVC Mixing implemented (Heating-Cooling Mixer Combination) purchased and put into operation; -Energy audit performed and strategy/plan for implementation of ISO 50001 developed; -Raised awareness among all stakeholders and interested parties on the importance of implementing ISO 50001 - 30 employees and people from the management trained.

Summary of project results

Plast Commerce – 93 among the established PVC producers in Bulgaria, but unfortunately, its machinery was very outdated. The use of it led to a large amount of consumed energy and inefficient production. By implementing the project, the company aimed at developing a more efficient and more sustainable business model. In this respect, the main goal of the project was an innovative environmental friendly technology for PVC compounds to be implemented. Other sub goals were: production increase, decrease in used energy and reduced negative effect to the climate. By implementing the innovative equipment Plast Commerce – 93 Ltd. achieved sufficient energy savings and more environment-friendly production. In addition, both the quantity and quality of the PVC production increased. With the support of the Norwegian partner Norsk Energi, Plast Commerce – 93 Ltd. executed an energy audit and energy management measures were implemented in the company. Moreover, training on energy savings was delivered to the management of the company and a subsequent training for the employees was organized. An additional positive effect was the improvement of the image of the company in front of all interested parties – partners, clients, employees and the society, as Plast Commerce – 93 Ltd. demonstrated a green business model which was set as an example for sustainable behaviour in a sector that has an image for not so eco-friendly one. The project demonstrated that sustainable practices and CSR policies could and should be developed in all kind of businesses and industries. The awareness about the issue was raised among all employees and partners and also among the society in the region with the help of publications in media, events and communication materials. The main outputs of the project are as follows: - Changed working behavior of the employees of the company; - Reduced electricity consumption with 35% or 102 000 kWh calculated for the PVC granules production; - Increased production with 40% per year so far; - Usage of waste production – there is no unused waste production and wastage is significantly reduced.

Summary of bilateral results

Plast Commerce – 93 Ltd. was supported by the Norwegian partner Norsk Energi during the whole project implementation. Good practices, know-how and expertise were transferred from Norway to Bulgaria in the field of eco-friendly production and sustainable business activities. In addition, some visits to Bulgaria were organized for keeping good and constant communication between both parties. As a result, Norsk Energi supported the efforts of Plast Commerce – 93 Ltd. to increase their productivity, to manage in more sustainable way all production processes in the company and to become more responsible towards the environment and its employees. During the different phases of the project implementation, Norsk Energi developed the documentation needed for establishing a greener production company and in this way transferred their knowledge to the Bulgarian business. Based on the meetings in Sofia and Berkovitsa and all the information that was gained, an audit, a report, an energy management system and training materials were prepared by the Norwegian consultants. They were used in the final phase of the project – for the organization of training for the employees and the management of the company, as well as a workshop for the local society. They were also put into use in the future production processes and the daily work of the company. Both companies keep their good partnership and hope for future cooperation and joint activities and projects.