Bulgaria And Norway - Clustering And Green Entrepreneurship - BANCAGE

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Black Sea Energy Cluster (BSEC)
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Non governmental organisation,
Researchers or scientists
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From Norway Grants:
€ 198,371
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The project objective is to strengthen the mutual relations between Norwegian and Bulgarian green clusters as an effective innovative model for increasing business competitiveness through capacity building on specific environmental issues within the public, NGO and private sectors. Specific objectives of BANCAGE project are to strengthen the bilateral collaboration between Norwegian and Bulgarian green clusters and their cluster companies, with a specific emphasis on capacity building on specific environmental issues; to build capacity in public and private sector by way of knowledge transfer for Energy Management System (EMS) and networking to facilitate practical implementation of sustainable energy and climate policies, measures and activities in public buildings through the exchange of experiences and best practices between Bulgaria and Norway; to organize energy eco-events in order to promote energy efficiency and climate protection in both public and marine sectors in Bulgarian Black Sea region;

Summary of project results

BANCAGE project aimed to establish a bilateral cooperation between Norwegian and Bulgarian energy cluster and their member companies, with particular emphasis on capacity building of specific topics related to environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The implementation of the project activities in order to increase the competence was an effective model for creating new Bulgarian - Norwegian partnerships, for development of joint innovative projects, ideas and future business collaborations. A number of activities for establishment of bilateral cooperation between BSEC and NCE Smart were implemented during the project implementation. The activitieswere also related to the capacity building on specific topics, such as: Manage the energy consumption and production; Rational use of energy resources; Electric mobility; Passive buildings; Use of local energy sources; Energy markets and energy management processes. The project's outputs are: - 200 people were trained on topics related to "green entrepreneurship" and "green business", including RES, energy efficiency, energy management systems, etc. - 2 study tours, one in Norway and one in Bulgaria, for sharing experience, knowledge and best practices - 20 representative of business companies, local authorities and academics from Norway and Bulgaria had the opportunity to get acquainted with each other, to exchange knowledge, experience and innovative ideas, to see “on place” the best practice examples from both partner countries and the most important - to generate ideas for future business collaborations and project partnerships - 2 energy business forums and exhibitions took place during the project implementation providing the opportunities for improving the companies' competences related to energy issues and to learn about the best practices in Norway and in Bulgaria - 5 Partnership Agreements between Bulgarian and Norwegian clusters' companies were signed

Summary of bilateral results

The two Norwegian partners have contributed a lot to the project's outputs with their extensive experience and competence. After completion of the joint activities in the frame of BANCAGE, project partners - BSEC and NCE Smart Energy Markets, as well their cluster companies will work on some of these real possibilities for cooperation between Bulgaria and Norway: 1. Market for rooftop solar and energy storage systems in the Black sea region 2. Small hydropower plant in the Sea Garden in Varna 3. Establishment of ESCO investment fund 4. Exchange of students and teacher on energy thematic topics 5. Establish a Research Centre to develop intelligent and sustainable energy solutions as a part of BSEC