Provision of Public Access to Cultural Heritage Building - Turkish Store and Creation of and Epigraphic Center

Project facts

Project promoter
Minicipality of Vidin
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Target groups
Civil servants/Public administration staff
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 368,975
The project is carried out in:
Видин / Vidin

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A major problem for the municipality of Vidin is the insufficient exhibition space for its rich cultural heritage. Vidin also has difficulties in securing funds needed to modernise and maintain cultural heritage buildings/monuments of culture in the town. The current project aims to restore and preserve the immovable cultural heritage, to provide greater access to it for current and future generations, and promote and provide access to movable epigraphic (ancient inscriptions) heritage within Vidin, Bulgaria and abroad. As a result of the project, a new exhibition area for epigraphic heritage will be ensured in the new Museum of Archaeology-epigraphic center. Movable cultural heritage will be digitalised as new content on the Internet. 15 members of the Roma community will be trained, which will provide them with skills vital for their inclusion in the labor market. The outputs of the project will positively affect the target groups which include municipal and museum administration, members of the Roma community, the general public and people with special interests in the field of history and culture. The information and promotion campaign will ensure the visibility of the project among the general public and foreign tourists.

Summary of project results

The Turkish warehouse, which is the object of intervention on the project, is a building built in the 17th and 18th centuries and a monument of culture of local significance in extremely poor condition (including half-roofed roof, cracks on the walls, partially rotten wooden elements) and closed to visitors. The building is situated opposite the Baba Vida Fortress (25m) and corresponds functionally with the most important historical monument of culture in Vidin, which is a great advantage for it to be designated as an archaeological museum - epigraphic center. creates an imbalance in the overall perception of the area that has preserved the traces of the historical memory of the city.The restoration and preservation of the building and its transformation into an archaeological museum - an epigraphic center are determined by the necessity of an exposition hall to preserve archaeological and epigraphic values that form the historical memory and national feelings of the population and at the same time a prerequisite for the preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage. With the opening of a new building with a new exhibition area and the provision of digital content, it restored the cultural heritage of Vidin, preserve a moving cultural heritage for future generations, while making it accessible to the local community, and through the digital content contributes to the promotion of cultural heritage and thus influences European, national, regional and local cultural heritage objectives and priorities. First of all, the project facilitates the work of the representatives of the municipal administration and the Regional Museum of History in Vidin Municipality by restoring and preserving the building a monument of culture and using it as a new exhibition area. The establishment and opening of a new archaeological museum - an epigraphic center, gives access to the building itself - a real cultural value for the first time, presenting to the public and tourists its unique architecture. The new, functioning and accessible museum-epigraphic center gives the opportunity to exhibit the existing pool of movable cultural heritage, which has so far been subjected to bad weather, malicious human activity and ruin because of poor storage conditions in the museum's repositories. The educational events, the scientific meetings that will be organized in the new museum, combined with the existing cultural and historical attractions, contribute to the diversification of the tourist product offered in the municipality of Vidin.

Summary of bilateral results