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National Gallery
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Young adults,
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€ 0
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София (столица) / Sofia (stolitsa)

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The goal of the project is the conservation of a European cultural heritage monument of value and its reuse to exhibit contemporary art. The project aims at the conservation and reorganisation of buildings within the Sofia Arsenal complex so that these can house the Contemporary Art Museum. The project consists of the second phase that builds on a previous project and provides for the expansion of the museum in three directions. The first direction is the reconstruction of the first and second floor of a building that is part of the former Arsenal. The second one is the construction of an underground deposit for art works which belong to the Museum's collection. The third provides for the restoration of the glass pavilion in the former Arsenal building. Furthermore, the adjacent open area will be integrated as an additional exhibition space. The Museum will be equipped with information and communication facilities for registering exhibition activities, as well as for research and various educational programs. The Museum’s collection will be digitally archived providing interactive online access. Essential for the operation of the Museum is the development of database records of contemporary artistic life in the country, as well as facilitating access to information about international art scene. Contemporary visual arts have already become a part of Bulgarian culture. Therefore young people and young artists are considered as basic target groups. The Museum functions as a centre of support for young talents. The involvement of young emerging artists as well as those who have already made a name for themselves guarantees the success and the sustainability of the project. The activities of the Museum will also focus on the involvement and integration of Roma minority in contemporary artistic development. Young representatives of the Roma minority are a part of the first target group. Interesting activities planned by young Roma artists are also expected.

Summary of project results

The objectives of the redefined project are to complete the adaptation of the second floor of the fully completed exterior of the museum building, to build an underground archive to house this part of the Museum of Contemporary Art that is not exposed, restore the previous entrance to Sofia Arsenal through the reconstruction of the former Arsenal glass pavilion and the design and construction of an adjacent park with outdoor public facilities. The project is a second stage of implementation in the previous programming period. Due to administrative reasons related to the failure to obtain the necessary building permits from the competent authorities, as well as a delay in the process of selecting a contractor for the construction installation, the project has been terminated by the Programme Operator despite the efforts made to complete it successfully.

Summary of bilateral results