Implementation of energy efficiency measures in the building of MBAL Svilengrad Ltd.

Project facts

Project promoter:
Svilengrad Municipality
Project Number:
Target groups
Children ,
Elderly people
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 155,056
The project is carried out in:

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The main aim of the project is to increase the energy efficiency in buildings that are municipal property and that have social importance - "MBAL Svilengrad" Ltd., through replacement of internal heating installation in the building. The project outcomes are as follows: 1. Replaced heating system 2. Improved energy efficiency of the building 3. Reduced carbon dioxide emissions 4. Created conditions for better environment protection 5. Informed public and stakeholders on the activities and results of the project 6. Exchange of experience and good practices. Experts trained in the field of energy efficiency

Summary of project results

The main objective of the Project proposal was the increase of the energy efficiency of a building - municipal property, with social significance - Svilengrad EOOD Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment, by replacing the internal heating installation in the building. The main objective was achieved with the implementation of the Project. In the building of the Svilengrad EOOD Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment operates a new heating system, through which the indoor climate for both patients and the hospital staff is significantly improved. The achieved objective brought only positive results for the residents of the municipalities of Svilengrad, Lyubimets, Ivaylovgrad and Topolovgrad.The implemented energy efficiency activities in the Svilengrad EOOD Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment will contribute to lower energy consumption, which will not only save operating costs, but will also reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.The risk of accidents and the need for expenses for repairs will be limited. The performance of the internal microclimate will be improved, which in turn will improve the healing process of the patients and the conditions for the staff of the hospital. The activities relating to the existing cooperation between the partners will contribute to the creation of lasting relationships and future partnerships in the field of energy efficiency. As a result reduction of 48 CO2 t/year is achieved.

Summary of bilateral results

The relations achieved in our partnership cooperation were beneficial, which is evidenced from the successful completion of the Project and the execution of all activities therein. The partners participated with ideas and solutions from the stage of detailed design to the completion of the Project for replacement of the heating installation. The training we conducted provided us with advice and guidance for further energy management of the building of the Svilengrad Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and not just for this building, but also for the other municipal buildings.