Increased energy efficiency in buildings of significant social importance in Dupnitsa Municipality

Project facts

Project promoter:
Municipality of Dupnitsa
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Target groups
Young adults
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 294,815
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The main objective of the project of Dupnitsa Municipality is to increase energy efficiency in key buildings of great social importance through switching to gas as energy source. With the implementation of the planned project activities Municipality of Dupnitsa will be close to the target values of indicators in the field of improving energy efficiency in their buildings in accordance to the set down in the laws and program documents of the EU and on national level. This will contribute to improving the economic performance of Dupnitsa Municipality in the coming years, since after the switching to gas as energy source in the buildings, will reduce energy costs, which would allow for reallocating savings in other budget lines from the budget of the municipality, according to priority needs. The social effect of the project will be two-way. On one hand, its implementation will involve labour, which will positively affect the local employment. On the other hand - would improve the conditions and quality of life in the municipality.

Summary of project results

The project has achieved its main objective to increase energy efficiency in buildings of significant social importance in Dupnitsa Municipality through gasification. The implementation of energy efficiency measures in public buildings contributes to reducing emissions of airborne emissions and reduces heating costs, thereby contributing to budget mitigation. The project realization solves two main problems concerning energy consumption and energy efficiency in the 9 municipal buildings. Energy efficiency measures like replacement of boilers and burners, switching to natural gas fuel were implemented in the following buildings: Nursery "Spring", "Cyril and Methodius" school, "Kliment Ohridski"school, "Hristo Botev" professional highschool, "Paisii Hilendarski" school, "St. Ivan Rilski " hospital, "Taushanitsa" kindergarden, "Evlogi Georgiev" school, "Neophyte Rilski"school. Reduction of CO2 emissions as a result of the introduction of energy efficiency measures in each of the sites is expected to be 906,65 t/year. Information and publicity activities have been carried out - 3 press conferences with the interested public and institutions, to which the provided materials /folders, pens, presentations/as well as banners are executed according to the Information and Publicity Guide and contain all logos indicating the financial contribution of FM of the EEA. The completed 2 publications reflect the project duration, value and source of funding. Regardless of paid publications, the municipality has disclosed the project activities and source of funding through local media and sites.

Summary of bilateral results