Replacement of heating, combustion and gasification base in 3 kindergardens and 2 nurseries in Kazanlak

Project facts

Project promoter:
Municipality of Kazanlak
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Target groups
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 333,917
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The purpose of this project proposal is to improve the energy efficiency of three kindergartens and two nursery schools in Kazanlak by replacement of heating systems, combustion facilities and gasification facilities. Thus indirectly contributing to the reduction of final energy consumption and reduction of exhaust emissions from CO2 emissions. This will also improve the municipal educational infrastructure and thus the living environment in the Republic as a whole. The target groups will directly benefit from the project results will be children from childcare and staff working in them (144 children aged up to three years, 540 children aged 3 to 6 years, 51 people teaching staff, 18 people medical staff and non-teaching staff 67 people). Indirectly, the successful implementation of the project will benefit families and children from 5 kindergartens, and in the long run and the entire population of Kazanlak.

Summary of project results

The objective of the project is the replacement of heating, combustion and gasification base in 3 kindergardens (Kindergarden Yuri Gagarin № 8, Kindergarden Slanchice № 9, Kindergarden Zvanche № 15), and 2 nurseries (Nursery Prolet № 4, Nursery Detelina № 5) in Kazanlak. On 16.12.2016 г. the Supplementary agreement № 3 to the Grand contract BG04-02-03-037-006 was concluded for financing of additional activities to the project regarding replacement of the heating, combustion and gasification base of Kindergarden "Snezhanka" № 2 in Kazanlak, amounting to BGN 161 957,87 / 82 807,73 EUR. The main goal of the project had been achieved by implementation of project activities. The expected results and indicators concerning the saved energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can be evidenced by the issuance of a new Energy Performance Certificate in 2018 at least one heating season after the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The opportunities presented by the EEA FM, in particular by the BG 04 Programme are of considerable benefit to local authorities and contribute to better quality and more effective education services provided by municipalities, as well as for a cleaner environment. The target groups directly benefiting from the project results are the children from childcare facilities and staff working in them. Indirectly, the implementation of the project also benefits the families of the children from the 6 childcare facilities, and in the long run the entire population of Kazanlak.

Summary of bilateral results