Reconstruction of boiler and heating systems in the buildings of Primary School "Vasil Levski", High School "Antim I" and Municipal Administration in the Town of Zlatograd

Project facts

Project promoter:
Municipality of Zlatograd
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Target groups
Young adults
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 411,273
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The aim of the project is lasting improvement of indoor climate conditions in three buildings with public and social importance, through the implementation of energy efficient heating, at an increase in the coefficient of performance in reduced fuel consumption mode and lower emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With the implementation of the project activities the following results will be achieved - 1. Completed energy efficient reconstruction of the heating systems in the buildings of two schools and one administrative building; 2. Reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; 3. Permanent improvement of living conditions in three buildings of great public and social importance; Performance of the indicative objectives for energy savings and sustainable energy development of the Municipality of Zlatograd

Summary of project results

With the issuance of 5 certificates on putting into operation of the reconstructed heating systems in five municipal buildings, of significant social purpose in the educational and administrative sector, 100 % fulfillment of the project objectives has been reported. As a result of the reconstruction of their heating systems, in the buildings of Vasil Levski Primary School, Antim I High School and the Municipal Administration, the Town of Zlatograd, “Radost" Kindergarten – the Town of Zlatograd, and "Shtastlivo detstvo" Kindergarten – the Village of Startsevo, during the following heating season an alternative source of heating – pellets, will be used. The energy-efficient reconstruction of the heating systems, implemented through the supply and installation of new boilers with capacity of combined combustion of pellets and wood, as well as the replacement of the old heaters and pipe network will ensure a lasting improvement of the living conditions in the five buildings of public and social Importance. In the forthcoming heating season 2017/2018, due to the increased efficiency of heating systems, the latter will operate under a regime of reduced fuel consumption and less carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere for the five buildings in total - 662.55 t/year; this way the indicators set out in the Project proposal, are fulfilled.

Summary of bilateral results