Replacement of internal heating systems and construction of solar plants in four childcare facilities in Town of Plovdiv

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Municipality of Plovdiv
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€ 256,336
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The overall objective of the Project is to improve the energy efficiency by replacement of the heating installations and the construction of new solar installations, which will lead to decrease in the energy consumption, as well as reduction of environmental pollution. The improvement of the energy efficiency in buildings of social infrastructure improves the social environment in mainstream childcare facilities and provides a better living environment for the care of children. The reduced consumption of electricity and heat release financial resources, which the society can redirect to improve other aspects of the social environment. Reducing emissions in the atmosphere creates a healthier environment for the people and improves many of the environmental parameters of the environment. The renovation of the buildings also provides greater economic activity in the construction industry and related businesses, which in turn leads to increase in the economic development in the country. All this contributes to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area.

Summary of project results

The objective of the project is to improve energy efficiency by replacing heating installations in 5 kindergartens and building new solar installations in 4 of them, which will reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution. As a result of the project and in accordance with the planned activities therein, the internal heating installations, including the piping network and aluminum radiators have been completely replaced in the Chuchuliga Kindergarten, Miroslava Kindergarten; Buratino Kindergarten, Tanya Savicheva Kindergarten, and Liliya Kindergarten. Total of 7,029.90 m of new piping network and 434 m of new water supply pipeline were installed. 552 new aluminum radiators, complete with thermostatic valves to regulate heat supply were mounted in the premises. Overall, in all five kindergartens, were installed 10 circulating pumps with frequency control and 6 combined water heaters, and in 4 of the kindergartens were built solar installations with a total of 28 collectors for domestic water heating. Generally, in the kindergartens buildings the thermal comfort was improved, in accordance with the statutory requirements for the quality of the habitable environment with optimized energy consumption. According to the data of the principals of the kindergartens, the energy costs for electric and thermal power have decreased. Reducing electricity and heat consumption in turn reduces environmental pollution due to reduced CO2 emissions - 27.33 t/year and fine particulate matter emissions into the atmosphere.

Summary of bilateral results