„Investment in a pellet from forest biomass production installation for increased quality and production capacity“

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
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€ 47,495
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The project overall objective is to contribute to reducing of GHG and air pollutants by increasing biomass energy production. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES 1. 30% Increase of production capacity and efficiency improvement of the process of production of pellets from wood biomass by purchasing and deployment of installation. 2. Quality Improvement of the produced pellets, marked in complete removal of the slag formation during pellets combustion and implementing automated combustion process. 3. Avoidance of CO2 emissions in the amount of 482,7 t/year. The Norwegian Project Partner will be engaged in the following activities: introduction of Inter-Machinex’s production process by Norwegian Forestry Group and evaluation of its effectiveness; exchange of experience and knowledge related to biomass use – evaluation of current understanding and experience; design of a plan for information and best practices sharing; training and other activities related to better understanding of modern biomass use practices; assistance in developing strategies and business plans: methodology development for effective management of the pellet production process; inventory plan development; as well as management and monitoring plans; marketing plan development for effective distribution of the pellet production and other relevant strategies and plans; assessment of current logistic operations from biomass collection to heating plant and assist in further development of this operations; development and conduction of practical assessments of various market instruments for procurement of biomass from forests.

Summary of project results

The project planned results have been achieved and met the general and specific objectives: - The capacities of the dryer and pelletizing press are equalized by increase of dryer capacity with 30% with installation of new pre-drying plant. - Increase with almost 100% of the efficiency of the cumulative production capacity of Inter Machinex and realization of pellet production from biomass amounting to 2000 tn annually. The wood pellets are fuel made of crushed wood biomass pressed under high pressure without glue or other binding substances. The successful realization of the present project increased the production capacity of Intermachinex and is a precondition to growth of pellet production to 2016 t/year. The project will avoid 0,482 tn C02 emissions per year.

Summary of bilateral results

Imtermachinex Ltd and Norwegian Forestry Group realized an exchange of good practices within the whole duration of the project . This exchange was carried out in two levels: interactively and on spot during the Norwegian visit in Bulgaria after termination of major activities of the project. On February 9-10th, 2016 we were visited by Mr. Oystein Aasaaren – managing director on behalf of Norwegian Forestry Group. In the course of project duration jointly with Partner were realized following activities: - Acquainting of NFG with the production process of Intermachinex and estimation of its efficiency; - Exchange of experience and know-how about biomass utilization: assessment of necessity for additional knowledge in this field; - Establishment of methodology for efficient management of pellet production process, time schedule, marketing plan for distribution of produced pellets and other strategies and plans that are considered to be necessary during project implementation; - Evaluation of instantaneous logistic activities from collecting to utilization of the biomass as well as ways to its improvement; - Marketing evaluation of different approaches obtaining biomass from forests.