Industrial Processing of Wood and Waste Biomass

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
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From EEA Grants:
€ 168,121
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The major aim of this Project Proposal is the utilization of waste biomass and production of solid fuel from wood chips. The specific aims set by the company are as follows: Improvement of Mikromet OOD’s competitiveness in one of the priority sectors for the development of Bulgarian economy; improvement of the company financial results through investing in modern technologies and equipment. The long-term aims are as follows: Ensuring of sustainable growth of profit and return on investments; full satisfaction of customer requirements; ensuring the best possible markets for the company in view of its technological capabilities; expanding to new markets and gaining better positions on the existing ones. Mid-term aims: Acquisition of new plant and equipment; introduction of new technologies; expanding the distribution network and establishment of new production facilities in other regions; searching for alternative sources of raw materials; on-site improvements by giving opportunities to the employees to participate in the development process. Short-term aims: Purchasing of new production equipment, searching and gaining of new markets to fully utilize the newly purchased equipment’s capacity.

Summary of project results

According to the beneficiary the project planned results have been achieved and met the general and specific objectives: recovery of waste biomass and production of solid fuel from wood chips. The specific objectives that were determined and were achieved are: increasing the competitiveness of "Maikromet" Ltd. in priority sector for development of the Bulgarian economy; ensuring stable growth of profits and return on investment; fully meet the customer needs; providing the best markets of the company according to its technological capabilities; conquer of new markets and expand the already overtaken; reinforcing its presence on the existing markets. Medium term goals that were realized by the project are: the acquisition of new machinery and equipment and introduction of new technologies; expansion of the distribution network. Total annual production of biomass fuels is 32 760 tons/year (on the basis of installed capacity).

Summary of bilateral results