Cleaner production and green energy

Project facts

Project promoter:
Max Music Production LTD
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Target groups
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 133,442
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The project will: Install equipment: machine peeling woody logs, drum chipper for wood chips, intermediate hopper chips, 3 pieces -conveyor belt, drum (rotor) dryer, hopper (storage tank), screw, pellet press SRM type, cooling tower, chiller and vibro sieve, packing machine, electrical control panel. Each piece of equipment performs a function of the production process and is an important component. Deliver front wheel loader with capacity of at least 870 kg and 1700 kg minimum rollover. Installed production capacity to produce 4500 tons of pellets per year Create temporary jobs for project management - 3 persons / manager and technical expert, accountant/ employed according to current legislation. Create permanent jobs to the line for the production of pellets as an additional effect of the project - a total of 14 persons as follows - 12 people / in two shifts /; 2 head of the shift and 1 supervisor in charge of the industrial unit. Employees will be trained at place for operating with the equipment and will pass an instruction on safety. This result is not funded directly by the project and it is a side effect of the project. Saved CO2 emissions compared with conventional sources of energy 8509 tons of CO2 per year Payback period of investment - 3.8 months Net Present Value = 245,434 lev

Summary of project results

The successful implementation of the project contributed to achievement the overall objective of the project proposal to increase energy efficiency by using energy from renewable energy sources. The specific objective of the project proposal to increase the capacity of the applicant organization to produce biomass by encouraging investment in appropriate pellet equipment has been achieved through putting into operation equipment with a capacity of 1 ton of biomass pellets per hour. The project is small in scope and application, but with its activities it contributes to reducing social and economic disparities in the European Economic Area by launching new production and opening more than 10 permanent jobs. Reducing social disparities will be ensured by applying the principle of non-discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities to involve all stakeholders in the project. Compliance with the principle will be valid in the implementation of all project activities. Overcoming economic disparities is achieved by increasing the competitiveness of the company by revealing new production and revenue generation.

Summary of bilateral results