Sustainable biodiversity

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Foundation Capital
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Young adults
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€ 19,783
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Why is the project needed? - Public awareness on the importance of biodiversity is crucial for its effective protection, for preventing the degradation of ecosystems and supporting sustainable development. Target 1 of the Strategic plan for biodiversity 2011-2020 stipulates “By 2020, at the latest, people are aware of the values of biodiversity and the steps they can take to conserve and use it sustainably”. EU biodiversity Strategy to 2020 sets biodiversity targets. What is the objective of the project? To increase public awareness on biodiversity What is the project expected to achieve? - General public in Bulgaria is better informed on the importance of biodiversity and the steps to protect it. How will the project address these challenges? - Permanent rubric „Biodiversity” on the popular and influential website – at least 110 articles; One special edition on biodiversity and NBMS (circulation 10 000); One competition campaign; 20 trained volunteers Who is expected to benefit? - The general audience. What will the partnership achieve? - Synergy

Summary of project results

The main problem addressed by the project is the relatively low level of awareness and commitment to issues related to sustainable development, in particular biodiversity. Objective 1 of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 provides that "No later than 2020 people are aware of the value of biodiversity and the steps they can take to conserve and use it sustainably." Preserving biodiversity is one of the main objectives and activities of the European Union Strategy for Biodiversity 2020. The objectives of the project were implemented through two types of activities. A practical training orientated to young volunteers for gathering data about the environment was conducted. The public part of the renewed NBMS was introduced to the volunteers and the gathered information during the training was included in the system. Under the project 20 volunteers were trained. Biodiversity activities were promoted through specially created section "Biodiversity" at the respected and popular site 263 articles were published in this section (88 planned), which is an example of a good practice. A special edition promoting biodiversity was distributed in 10 000 copies. Photo contest for raising the interest in biodiversity matters was held. The project has no official partner from the donor countries, but as an example of good practice useful materials and best practices from the donor countries were published in „Biodiversity" section. All published articles under the “Biodiversity” section will remain in the archive of the website and will be available at any time after the end of the project for all analysts, researchers, or stakeholders in the topic.

Summary of bilateral results