Increasing the capacity of volunteers in North-eastern Bulgaria to perform biodiversity monitoring

Project facts

Project promoter:
Wildlife Conservation Society
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Target groups
Young adults,
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 16,190
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The first major objective of the project is to increase the capacity of local volunteers in the monitoring of biodiversity, and in the use of the National System for biodiversity monitoring. The second main objective is to increase the knowledge and skills of the target groups in the collection / sharing of information on ecosystems and / or invasive alien species in the project areas, as well as their awareness of the links between biodiversity, climate change and the economic value of ecosystems. We expect to attract new local volunteers, while the capacity and skills of those with experience significantly increase. We hope to spread through the project the key messages of the EC Biodiversity strategy to 2020, as well as other useful information and knowledge on biodiversity related issues. The project will work with local volunteers experienced mainly in biological monitoring, with potential new volunteers, with people working in the sphere of tourism and citizens/groups involved in biodiversity conservation.

Summary of project results

The idea of the project arose from the need to further improve the capacity, knowledge and skills of volunteers from northeastern Bulgaria to monitor biodiversity. Six combined theoretical and practical training sessions were conducted. The total number of participants in these courses was over 50. The project target group was mainly young people interested in the conservation of biodiversity. Monitoring of vascular plants, nesting and migrating bird species as well as rare and endangered species was carried out within 77 monitoring sessions. As a result of these sessions 102 field forms were filled in with data. The information from the field forms was entered into the National Biodiversity Monitoring System. For this purpose a combined training "Entering data into the information system to NBMS" was conducted, too. A study and report on the spreading of invasive species in the protected area "Kamchia" were completed. A total of three lectures and trainings to different audiences took place and 73 publications on the subject appeared in local and national editions and online media. A special section "Volunteers for Nature" dedicated to the project and the work of volunteers was developed to the website of the WCS. 24 articles on volunteering topics, upcoming and conducted project events, photo galleries and video materials were also published. A photo exhibition "The Wildlife of Northeastern Bulgaria" was organized and a short movie "Volunteers for Nature" in 4 parts, reflecting mainly the trainings that were carried out during the project, was featured. The project was involved in the organization of the Third Festival of Kites in Varna, dedicated to the migrating wild birds. The event was used as a platform for spreading information related to biodiversity and climate change.

Summary of bilateral results