Cross-border Cooperation

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Government Office of the Slovak Republic
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In implementation
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Norwegian Barents Secretariat (BAR)
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Norway Grants fund:
€ 13,368,547
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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed?  The Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme between the Slovak Republic and Ukraine focuses on two Slovak regions – Košice and Prešov self-governing regions and one Ukrainian, the region of Transcarpathia. The target Slovak regions lag behind other Slovak and EU regions in terms of development and the gap reduction has been very slow. The situation is similar in Transcarpathia, on the Ukrainian side. The financial and economic crisis has resulted in a social and economic setback for the region. All the three regions are below 30% of the GDP of the EU average. There is a need for these regions to find common solutions to problems related to the economic marginalisation of regions distant from political and economic centres, as well as the need for addressing the economic and social imbalances resulting from the EU enlargement in 2004. The programme will contribute to reducing these social and economic disparities by stimulating business and people to people cooperation of the border regions, strengthening the capacity of the local administrations and supporting regional identities as a key factor for further development.  What will the programme achieve?  The Programme will contribute to the mitigation of existing barriers to cross-border cooperation between the two Slovak self-governing regions of Košice and Prešov on the one hand and the region of Transcarpathia in Ukraine on the other. This strengthening of cross-border cooperation will be achieved by supporting new and existing cross-border partnerships/networks, enhancing exchange of know-how, best practices and experience with Norway, creating better conditions at the border crossings and improving the Cross-border information flow. How will it be achieved?  Projects aiming at creating or supporting existing Cross-border partnerships, exchanging of know-how, improving border crossing conditions and Cross-border information flows will be supported through an open call and a small grant scheme. The grant contribution to projects will be between €170,000 and €1,000,000 for the open calls and between €5,000 and €170,000 for the small grant scheme.  How will bilateral relations be strengthened?  Bilateral partnerships in projects with partners from Norway are mandatory in one part of the call for proposals. These projects implemented with Norwegian partners will mainly aim at exchanging ideas in order to improve cross border cooperation practice between Slovakia and Ukraine and will be favoured in the selection procedure for the rest of the programme. The Barents Secretariat, Donor Programme Partner, will assist in awareness-raising among potential partners in Norway. In addition the programme will support sharing of expertise and exchange of best practise between Project promoters and relevant stakeholders in Norway.  What are the partnership opportunities?  Partnerships with Norwegian organisations are promoted and matchmaking events (for Slovak, Ukrainian and Norwegian potential partners) are organised to facilitate these partnerships.  Who can apply for funding under this programme?  Slovak public and private organisations as well as NGOs can be project promoters. Participation from Ukrainian and Norwegian entities will be regulated through a partnership agreement.